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NCCER for Learners & Craft Professionals


Whether you want to learn a new craft, build on skills already earned or become credentialed based upon your current knowledge, NCCER’s programs were created by subject matter experts to provide the education needed to succeed in today’s construction industry.

High School and College Students

Prepare for a career in construction with industry-recognized and standardized construction training. NCCER credentials are modular and portable, so learners can continue building their skills no matter where life takes them.

Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning (WBL) makes our programs relevant for students by connecting training to the job site and increasing learners’ technical and employability skills.


Our Hard Hat Heroes initiative offers veterans the opportunity to earn NCCER credit for skills and training received during their military service.

NCCER worked with construction professionals who served in each military branch to crosswalk military MOS codes to appropriate NCCER modules to make it easy for veterans to see which NCCER credentials their military training and experience qualify them for.

“If you take a look at the NCCER curricula, there is a lot that can be applied in the field. It’s easy to digest. If you listen, pay attention and review, you can learn a lot.” – Chris Manzelli, Electrician

Why NCCER for your construction education?

Quality construction education to build your future

Our modular curricula are performance- and knowledge-based, allowing learners to absorb knowledge and apply the skills needed to succeed in the construction industry.

Add value to your resume by earning training credentials

NCCER is recognized by contractors, educational institutions and construction industry stakeholders around the world. Our secure online database keeps track of learners’ NCCER module completions, credentials and certifications. Learners can access this system to produce transcripts and certificates, pick up training where they left off or show employers proof of knowledge and skills.

Comprehensive journey-level assessments

NCCER offers a complete series of journey-level knowledge assessments as part of its National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP). These assessments evaluate the knowledge of an individual in a specific craft area and provide a prescription for upgrade training when identified.

Find a Center

Search nearby training locations to learn a craft, take an assessment and search for nearby testing locations.

By Location By Name

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