NCCER Workforce Development Committee

The NCCER WFD Committee serves as an advisory group to the NCCER Board of Trustees for all Workforce Development issues, and will present recommendations to the NCCER Board of Trustees for discussion and approval. Any member of the Workforce Development Committee may initiate issues for consideration by the entire committee; to provide for discussion, research and implementation after approval from the NCCER Board of Trustees.

Committee will review and discuss areas of concern or need; and bring forth-new ideas to ensure every craft professional using the NCCER programs and processes has an equitable opportunity to learn and demonstrate skill knowledge and competency in their chosen craft(s), and to receive credentials appropriate to their performance.

Committee Members

Gary Affolter, Construction Craft Academy
Jeff Allman, Ingalls Shipbuilding
Tim Becker, Kiewit
Danielle Birney, ABC Pelican Chapter
Ted Blanton, NACB
Mittie Cannon, Amec Foster Wheeler
Richard Cerenzio, ISNetworld
Matthew Clark, Jacobs Engineering
Leslie Clounts, American Fire Sprinkler Association
Michael Connet, ACTE
Bob Deatherage, Bechtel Construction
Tim Eldridge, Steel Erectors Association of America
Twila Everett, MasTec, Inc.
Mike Farrar, W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company
Christa Floresca, SkillsUSA
Mike Glavin, ABC National
Dean Hamrick, Fluor
Jane Hanna, CEF of North Texas
Lisa Hartnup, Praxair Services
Michele Jones, National Insulation Association
Clay Kubicek, Crossland Construction Company, Inc.
Beth Muniz, Pearson
Ray Neck, Turner Industries Group, LLC
Dave Perrin, CITC Washington
Sabra Phillips, Marek
Allen Powell, NTHS
Sean Ray, SUNDT
Jonathan Sacks, Cianbro Corporation
Douglas Sawyer, ABC Southern California Chapter
Natalie Smith, KBR
Henry Sorensen, Prov, Inc.
Mike Stark, AGC of America
Mike Stilley, S & B Engineers and Constructors Ltd.
Bill Stricker, Carolinas AGC Foundation
Jim Sullivan, M.E. Rinker School of Construction Management at the University of Florida
Ed Sullivan, ASTS
Jay Tornquist, Willmar Electric Service
Reginald Wilson, MCAA
Greg Wilson, Pima Community College
Reggie Wilson, MCAA
Boyd Worsham, The Haskell Company
Linda Young, CSOS Consulting