Overall Benefits of NCCER Accreditation

  • A comprehensive workforce development system with a national and international network of established industry partners.

  • On-demand online courses for Program Directors, Program Managers and certified personnel roles (e.g., instructors, performance evaluators, proctors, etc.) that use NCCER systems.

  • Instant access to verify training credentials and craft certifications via the online Registry System.

  • Fast Track programs for accelerated training, OSHA-10 training via CareerSafe and Credly badging.

  • Build Your Future (BYF) — A recruitment initiative for the construction and maintenance industries. BYF provides a number of resources to assist industry, education and military organizations.

  • Hard Hat Heroes — Credentialing opportunities for construction skills earned through occupational military training based on branch and rank.

  • NCCERconnect — A fully integrated digital learning platform for specific crafts, with a built-in learning management system including interactive eText, engaging video, online activities and a grade book.

Benefits by Program Type

Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) Benefits: 

  • NCCER’s own web-based Testing System for proctoring module tests and recording performance profiles.

  • 45 craft titles covering construction and maintenance; 25 additional construction education titles including Safety and Management.

  • Modular education leading to instantly accessible, stackable, portable, industry-recognized credentials that align with other certifications like OSHA-10, AWS SENSE and HVAC Excellence.

Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) Benefits: 

  • NCCER’s own web-based Assessment Platform for proctoring journey-level assessments and recording performance verifications.

  • Over 55 journey-level assessment titles in English, 11 journey-level assessments in Spanish and additional certification programs available including endorsement.

  • Journey-level certifications for Mobile Crane, Rigger and Signal Person. The Mobile Crane Certification is accredited by ANSI and recognized by OSHA.

Benefits by Organization Type

Associations and Industry: 

  • Curriculum aligned with the Department of Labor time-based training requirements for apprenticeship programs.

  • Stackable NCCER credentials and badging earned through training progressions lead to high employee engagement.

  • Owners and Contractors utilizing NCCER facilitates a smooth transition for students from secondary and post-secondary training institutions, both public and private, into the workforce.

  • NCCER curriculum facilitates a "hire to retire" career progression. Curriculum that covers from entry-level "green-horn" to seasoned Construction Leader.

  • NCCER journey-level assessments identify skill gaps, prescribe remedial module training specific to the gaps and validate workforce skill levels.


  • Existing programs in federal, state and private corrections facilities.

  • Bridges the gap between industry and education to allow organizations to partner on workforce development, including second-chance opportunities.


  • Nationally recognized program accreditation that links secondary, postsecondary and journeyman-level training for skilled craft professionals.

  • Programs that are recognized by state Departments of Education and meet Perkins Funding Grant requirements.

  • Competency-based knowledge and performance skills, creating career-ready students.

  • A network of companies that are eager to support construction and maintenance programs, hire students for summer internships or provide permanent employment post-graduation.

  • Portable credentials, instantly accessible within an online registry, allow students to build on their education and training.

  • “Transcript-style” credentials, recorded in an online registry allow students, instructors and employers to verify training.


  • 127 covered tasks that align to API 1167 and PHMSA along with additional industry-requested tasks to meet Pipeline Operator Qualification needs.

  • Performance exams developed in accordance with API 1167 and PHMSA that incorporate task-specific abnormal operating conditions (AOC).

  • Qualifications reported to ISNetworld.