Rigger & Signal Person Certification Programs

NCCER’s Rigger & Signal Person Certification Program consists of assessments and practical examinations that meet or exceed current ASME B30 consensus safety standards and OSHA 29 CFR part 1926 subpart CC.

Rigger & Signal Person Endorsed Accredited Assessment Centers are able to deliver the certification program (assessments and practical examinations) to their employees/membership using their own equipment as personnel are available and time permits.

NCCER’s Rigger & Signal Person Certification Program offers:

  • Assessment and practical examination results available within 15 minutes of submission
  • No rush fees
  • Real-time verification
  • Three-level rigger certifications (basic, intermediate and advanced) and a signal person certification
  • Certified riggers and signal persons earn portable, industry-recognized credentials

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For information on becoming endorsed to deliver NCCER’s Rigger & Signal Person Certification Program, click here.