Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are vital to NCCER's mission. Our committees are formed of industry experts to assist NCCER in development and review of curriculum, knowledge and hands-on test measurement tools, programs and resources. 

Why Should I Become a SME?

Check out this video to hear current SMEs talk about what being a subject matter expert means to them, and how their service helps develop the construction industry workforce.

Testimonials from NCCER SMEs

“It’s your chance to put knowledge on a broader table”

– William Cook, Baker Construction Enterprises

“I’ve developed a lot of long-term, lasting friendships”

– Nelson Plumb, Crane Industry Services

“Being a SME and giving knowledge strengthens our workforce”

– Brian Sozzi, Myco Mechanical, Inc.


SME committees ensure our curriculum and credentialing tools are relevant to on-the-job craft skills. We recruit passionate craft professionals who commit to the following: 

  • Attendance: Consistently attend scheduled meetings and maintain communication.

  • Participation: Contribute and offer feedback during meetings. If something is wrong, offer an innovative solution.

  • Schedule: Commit to meeting deadlines to keep projects on schedule.