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Faith Technologies’ Apprenticeship Program Provides Opportunities for a Great Career

Through their Ground Up Growth initiative, Faith Technologies is able to offer apprentices a great start to a life-long career.

From Teenage Helper to Safety Technician

Frank Rosales started in the construction industry as a teenager helping his dad and is now working as a safety technician.

Ways a STEM Education Can Help You Succeed in the Construction Industry

Let's take a closer look at how a STEM education can help you succeed in the construction industry.

Investing in the Future

Introducing crafts early opens the door to a world that they may not have known existed or that they are talented in.

Yes! You Can Do It!

Eight tips for women in construction (and inspirational advice in general).

WiOPS - Expansion and the Next Three Years

This year it seemed more important than ever before to reflect and ask, "What am I doing to bring about change for the women in our industry?"

I Changed the Path of My Life and Had the Time of My Life Doing It

Because it was in technical school that I built skills and confidence to do what I really wanted to do.

Unique Event Introduces Girls to Careers in Construction

The goal of Power UP is to inspire mothers and daughters to be empowered by the construction industry.

Persistence Pays Off

Maria Molina returns to work after retirement and shares how she's done everything from hurricane relief support to hanging drywall!

Say Yes to Opportunity

Sharon Baker started in the construction industry as a single parent with two boys and is an inspiration with her tenacity and willingness to say yes.

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