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3 Reasons Why You Should Actively Recruit Gamers

12/16/2021 Blog

What if someone told you that the young people who are putting video games at the top of their birthday and holiday lists should also be at the top of your job recruiting list?
When gamers are leveling up in a digital world, their skills that would make them the perfect construction professional are also making their way toward the boss level.
Industry recruiters should encourage gamers to seek out construction jobs. Not only are gaming fanatics needed in the construction industry, but this unique hobby that develops motor and mental skills makes them ideal for the role of a craft professional. What else makes gamers the perfect fit for the industry?

1. Developed Technology Skills

Several careers in construction include skills in the realm of computers and technology. Someone who is not as familiar with computers may take longer to adapt than a gamer who is familiar with adjacent terms, functions and programs that are prominently used in construction. Video game enthusiasts are predisposed to success on the job site. This is not exclusive to computers however, the controls and functions of heavyweight equipment such as a crane are similar to a virtual machinery or piloting game. Gamers are well adept at memorizing controls, their location and functions, as well as utilizing them with precision and accuracy.


2. Familiarity with Architecture and Building

Architecture games such as Minecraft are appealing to gamers because of the ambition of the finished product. Having a vision and doing what it takes to accomplish said vision is what would make an avid gamer a great engineer or architect when it comes to the design side of construction. Thinking and planning out the logistics of a structure is a specific track of thinking that gamers are extremely skilled at. On the execution side, a carpenter or a mason may be the ideal career for the gamer who prefers to get the plans done and see the finished product out. Enjoying the act of building a digital world is something that can apply to the real world as well and be beneficial on project sites.



3. Excellent Problem Solving

Playing video games is a task and goal-oriented activity. The challenge of solving a puzzle, finding something hidden or conquering an impossible level is largely the appeal to gamers. They love overcoming a feat. This tenacity can be translated to a construction job when it comes to the details and roadblocks of a project. Absolving mishaps or issues with materials or using critical thinking to reach a conclusion that may not be obvious to everyone else are abilities that gamers are developing with each new online quest they embark on.

Gamers are often told they’ll thrive in the video game industry. While this is probably true, what they aren’t told is how many other industries they can find their niche, utilize their skills and do what they love. One of these industries is construction. The vast diversity of careers and well as the variety of day-to-day projects make the possibilities virtually limitless. It is important that gamers are not only let in on this fact, but that they are actively sought after when searching for talent.

When speaking with students, providing them with career exploration resources such as career cards from Build Your Future (BYF) shows them that they are much needed in the construction industry and there is a career just for them. When seeking out more seasoned talent, highlight those who play video games often as a hobby and make it a talking point. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

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