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Editorial Guidelines

Interested in contributing content to the NCCER newsroom? We are accepting guest writer submissions!

Writing and Style Guidelines

  • Craft training
  • Safety and management education
  • Recruitment and image enhancement
  • Partnerships between industry and education
  • Best practices
  • New policies or standards

Contractors, construction leadership, craft professionals, instructors and educators.


Minimum 600 words, maximum 1,200 words unless otherwise noted.


NCCER adheres to the Associated Press (AP) writing style.


Include a short author bio and provide high-resolution headshot photo.


Quality hyperlinks are encouraged as citations and references. Backlinks are accepted provided they are natural and relevant. NCCER reserves the right to request changes or omissions of links deemed low-quality or irrelevant.

To Contribute

Submit a story pitch and relevant writing samples to newsroom editor Alexis Harwood at

NCCER reserves the right to edit content for clarity and consistency. All submissions are received and selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition, to ensure diversity of subject matter, approaches and voices, NCCER reserves the right to publish submissions as best suited. NCCER does not pay for contributed content.