Contractors Workforce Development Assessment

The CWDA is a powerful assessment tool and process designed to objectively measure a contractor’s workforce development and training efforts and commitment. The CWDA helps improve project labor certainty by growing and improving the skilled workforce through objective metrics and effective peer benchmarking.

Contractors Workforce Development Assessment

How does the CWDA system work?

A contractor’s crucial first step to effectively address labor risk is an objective, honest examination of workforce development, hiring and training programs. This process evaluates, validates and improves strategies and tactics by producing a CWDA ScoreCard and Report which benchmarks performance against the industry and the competition. Contractors share their ScoreCard directly with owners and hiring contractors allowing them to visualize the assessment and know with confidence the company’s commitment to metrics and improvement. The CWDA increases a contractor’s capacity to avoid serious labor challenges and increases their competitive edge when pursuing work.

Benefits of the CWDA

  • Establishes industry workforce and training metrics

  • Contractors identify strengths and improvement opportunities to increase ROI and win more work

  • Contractors protect their reputation and improve their brand by delivering a competent, skilled workforce

  • Owners effectively evaluate and pre-qualify contractors to decrease labor risk and improve project delivery

  • Facilitates safe, productive and successful project delivery

Types of Assessments

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