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The CWDA Process

1. Contractor sets up an account at to access the CWDA.
2. Contractor initiates, completes and submits the relevant assessment(s).
3. The CWDA Admin assigns a professional resource for the submission review/audit.
4. The Auditor reviews the submitted data, completed assessment and supporting documentation and may conduct a telephone audit with the contractor to review responses and information provided – additional information and clarification may be requested as necessary.
5. The contractor updates responses and provides any additional information as necessary.
6. The Auditor assigns a score to each question in the assessment.
7. The Auditor may provide notes and/or recommendations for each assessment question.
8. The Auditor may provide notes and/or recommendations for the overall assessment.
9. Upon audit approval, the CWDA ScoreCard™ and the Assessment Report are published and available to the contractor online and in PDF format.
10. The contractor can share any past or current ScoreCard (with or without the report) to any owner or contractor (EPC, GC, Prime, etc.) online and in PDF format.