Construction Workforce Development Professional

Now more than ever, the construction industry needs qualified construction workforce development professionals to manage the growing need for a skilled workforce.

NCCER’s new Construction Workforce Development Professional assessment evaluates and validates the knowledge and skills of your organization's workforce development professionals.

The Construction Workforce Development Professional training and certification program is the first of its kind in the construction industry. Raise the standard and make sure your workforce development professionals are trained today. 

Additional Instructor Requirements

In order for you to provide NCCER credentials to students taking Construction Workforce Development Professional, you must meet the following requirements:


This trainee guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the Construction Workforce Development Professional Certification assessment. Although training module completions will be recorded in the NCCER Registry if taught under an NCCER certified instructor at an accredited organization, the assessment must be successfully completed through an Accredited Assessment Center for the candidate to be eligible for NCCER certification.

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NCCER's assessments evaluate the knowledge of an individual in a specific craft area and provide a prescription for upgrade training when needed. All assessments are based upon the NCCER Curriculum and have been developed in conjunction with Subject Matter Experts from the industry and Prov™, NCCER's test development partner. Click assessment below to open its specifications:

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Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a vital part of NCCER's Curriculum development process. SMEs are construction and maintenance professionals who have journey-level experience and have experience teaching their trades to others. Click below to view a list of SMEs who contributed to the development of this series.

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