Fundamentals of Crew Leadership

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Fundamentals of Crew Leadership, Fourth Edition!

Work gets done most efficiently if workers are divided into crews with a common purpose. When a crew is formed to tackle a particular job, one person is appointed the leader. This person is usually an experienced craftworker who has demonstrated leadership qualities. To become an effective leader, it helps if a trainee has natural leadership qualities, but there are specific job skills that each craftworker must learn in order to do the job well.

This module will teach the skills needed to be an effective leader, including the ability to communicate effectively, provide direction to a crew and effectively plan and schedule the work of a crew.


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Additional Instructor Requirements

In addition to our standard instructor requirements, instructors must achieve the following education, training and experience requirements:

  • Completion of NCCER's MTICTP or ICTP class
  • Verification and authorization by the ATS
  • Five years of verifiable experience in the area of instruction as outlined below:
    - Safety
    - Human Resources
    - Resource Controls


While this module has been designed to assist the recently promoted crew leader, it is beneficial for anyone in management. The course covers basic leadership skills and explains different leadership styles, communication, delegating, and problem solving. Job-site safety and the crew leader’s role in safety are also discussed. This edition goes into detail on project planning, scheduling, and estimating with new performance tasks to assist the learning process.

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Subject Matter Experts

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