A glazier installs and fabricates glass and framing systems in commercial buildings like high-rise hotels, education and hospital facilities, and low-rise shopping centers. Glaziers also work in residential settings, where they install, fabricate and sometimes repair shower enclosures, tabletops, mirrors and other glass products.

The NCCER-endorsed National Glass Association’s Glazier Apprentice Curriculum covers a range of topics, from types of glass, to safe glass handling, to installation best practices, and everything in between. Students who complete the NGA curriculum will earn a jointly endorsed NGA/NCCER credential.


Six hard-copy, exceptionally produced training manuals from the National Glass Association are included for each apprentice enrolled into the NGA Glazier Apprentice Curriculum. Manuals include: Employee Safety Guide, the GANA Glazing Manual, the Guide to Architectural Glass, the GANA Sealant Manual, the Glass & Glazing Estimating Essentials Manual, and the Guide to the Glass & Glazing Requirements of the Model Building Codes.

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The NGA Glazier Apprentice Curriculum is offered online via  

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The assessments included in the NGA Glazier Apprentice Curriculum evaluate the knowledge of an individual.  All assessments have been developed in conjunction with subject matter experts from the industry. Assessments are conducted online via  

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