Project Supervision

Field supervisors play a major role in every construction company and every construction project. They are the frontline managers on the job, directly supervising workers and other field supervisors. They are both the engine and the anchor of the construction team, driving it toward effectiveness and efficiency, and stabilizing it with consistency and good judgment. To fill this role, field supervisors need more than experience in the field. They also need management skills in problem solving, planning, estimating, safety supervision, scheduling, controlling costs and resources, and, perhaps most important, managing people.

Project Supervision is a comprehensive, competency-based program that gives both veteran and new field managers a step-by-step approach to honing their natural abilities, developing essential skills, and generally improving their performance as leaders.

As a one-level curriculum, Project Supervision covers topics such as Human Relations and Problem Solving, Safety, and Quality Control.


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Additional Instructor Requirements

In addition to our standard instructor requirements, instructors must achieve the following education, training and experience requirements:
  • Completion of NCCER's MTICTP or ICTP class
  • Verification and authorization by the ATS
  • Five years of verifiable experience in the area of instruction as outlined below:
    - Safety
    - Human Resources
    - Resource Controls


This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Orientation to the Job, Human Relations and Problem Solving, Safety, Quality Control, Contract and Construction Documents, Document Control and Estimating, Planning and Scheduling, and Resource Control and Cost Awareness. Purchase Materials

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The following management specifications outline general topic areas covered on these assessments based upon NCCER's curriculum. With the release of NCCER’s new Registry System, PV Packets can now be downloaded within the system. If you do not see a form listed below, then it must be submitted in the new Registry System. Click here for instructions on how to download PV Packets in the new system.

*NCCER’s Supervisor assessment and Performance Verification is endorsed by the Carolinas AGC Foundation.

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Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a vital part of NCCER's Curriculum development process. SMEs are construction and maintenance professionals who have journey-level experience and have experience teaching their trades to others. Click below to view a list of SMEs who contributed to the development of this series.

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