Remote Proctoring

NCCER is offering a temporary remote proctoring option for craft module tests (knowledge only) through our online testing system. It is available to all NCCER accredited organizations and sponsored organizations.

Remote proctoring will be available from April 6, 2020 – December 31, 2020. Prior use of the testing system is not required and training is provided. NCCER will continue to watch this situation and provide updates as needed.

Check out these resources for an overview of the remote proctoring process.

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How to Get Started with NCCER Remote Proctoring via the Portal

  1. Create an account to register in NCCER’s remote proctor training portal.

    You will need the following information to register:
    • Name  
    • Email  
    • Phone #  
    • NCCER Wallet Card #  
    • Organization/School Name (Must be exactly as it appears in the Registry System with sponsor. A look up tool is available within the portal to use.)
    • Organization Type (high school, community college, trade school, association, etc.)
    • NCCER Sponsor Representative (Not required but will speed up verification process)

  2. Once you receive the confirmation email, log back into the portal, click on Remote Proctoring and follow instructions. (If you do not receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes of registering, check your junk or spam folders. The subject line will read “NCCER: Confirmation of account request” from NCCER Admin.) 

  3. View the required training video in the portal in its entirety. It will teach you how to remotely proctor NCCER module tests (knowledge only) and how to use the online testing system which is required for remote proctoring. After completing the training video, NCCER will verify your accreditation and credentials through the Registry. Due to the high volume of requests, please allow 3 business days for eligibility verification. You cannot begin remote proctoring tests until you have received an approval email from NCCER.

  4. Your accreditation and credentials will be verified by NCCER through the Registry, and you will be contacted by email within three business days.

    •   If you are eligible, you will receive the Eligibility Form to sign via email. Click to view eligibility requirements.

    •   If you are not eligible, you will receive an email indicating the additional information needed, and NCCER will work on assisting you. Click to view most common issues.

  5. The customer experience team will schedule with you the following requirements:

    •   One-on-one testing system setup training
    •   Practice session with students from your program

Eligibility Requirements

(Click here if you received an email stating you have not met the eligibility requirements.)

Instructor/Proctor Requirements: 

  • NCCER instructor and/or curriculum proctor certification

  • Must complete the NCCER remote proctor training 

  • Must use NCCER’s Testing System to administer all module tests being remote proctored

  • Verify understanding that all performance profile testing must still be conducted in-person 

Technology/Equipment Requirements:

  • Access to an online meeting platform with recording capabilities (i.e Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting)

  • Computer or tablet with built-in camera/web cam

  • Appropriate audio (through device or phone)

  • Appropriate storage for recorded testing sessions (instructor/proctor only)

Individual Test-Taker Requirements:

  • Tablet or computer (no cell phones may be used for testing) with a built-in camera/web cam

  • Appropriate audio (through device or phone)

  • Have completed or will complete a Registration & Release form prior to testing

  • Appropriate identification

Testing Session Requirements: 

  • Instructor/proctor must confirm test-taker’s identification.

  • Instructor/proctor must utilize the NCCER Remote Proctoring Script in all remote testing sessions.

  • No more than 15 test takers per testing session.

  • All remote proctoring must be conducted between the hours of 7:00 am – 9:00 pm EDT, Monday – Friday.

  • All module testing is closed book – only NCCER approved reference materials may be used during testing.

  • NCCER must be invited to all remote testing sessions using the web request form which will be sent to you upon approval of your eligibility. All requests must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the date and time of your testing (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays). NCCER will assign a live auditor to each testing session. NOTE: If any remote testing session takes place without NCCER being invited, module testing records for that session will be removed from the NCCER Registry.

  • All testing sessions MUST be recorded. 

  • Within 24 hours of testing session completion, your recording must be sent to NCCER as instructed in your auditor assignment confirmation. NOTE: If a recorded session cannot be provided to NCCER, module testing records will be removed from Registry.