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Certify your journey-level workforce. Improve your competitive edge.


Earn credentials for skills learned on the job through NCCER’s National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP). This program was designed by industry professionals to help bridge gaps in workforce competence. The program provides evaluation of journey-level knowledge and skills of craft professionals based on industry-recognized standards for each craft through knowledge assessments and performance evaluations.

Employers can use the NCACP to evaluate the skills of a prospective employee, a current craft professional, or their entire workforce. Assessments confirm a person’s knowledge and understanding of their craft and identify opportunities for improvement–including a custom training prescription detailing what is needed in an individual’s skill development.

Craft professionals can prove their skills by taking NCCER’s standardized assessments. At NCCER Accredited Organizations, craft professionals can take journey-level knowledge assessments and performance evaluations to earn certifications. NCCER’s journey-level assessments provide experienced craft professionals who lack documented training the chance to earn formal recognition of the hard-earned knowledge and skills they have acquired on-the-job. Many industry employers also offer higher pay rates to NCCER certified craft professionals.