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Built For Industry, By Industry

Research has proven that craft training increases productivity and quality of work and reduces absenteeism, rework, and injury. With the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), you can build a comprehensive workforce development program that ensures your craft professionals are prepared for the job site.

Here are several of the advantages of NCCER’s programs:

  • Curricula and assessments are developed with subject matter experts to reflect up-to-date industry standards and new advancements in safety, technology and equipment.
  • Modular-based training is built to meet apprenticeship time-based instruction requirements or can be custom curated to an organization’s specific needs.
  • Online resources such as etexts, instructional videos, and interactive learning features make virtual training easier.
  • Portable, industry-recognized credentials and certifications that recognize and validate skills.
  • Our fully online Construction Superintendent Certification Program accelerates competency development for new and existing field leaders.

Regardless of company size or specialization, NCCER provides resources and expert guidance to build and enhance your construction workforce.

Helpful Resources for Associations

Association Kit

Access pre-designed templates to help you promote your NCCER programs and a helpful guide for promoting them on social media.

Value of Craft Training White Paper

Read about the value of craft training and the benefits it provides in NCCER’s recently released white paper, “Future-Proofing the Construction Workforce: The Value of Training and Credentials.”

Field Leadership

Learn more about NCCER’s Construction Superintendent Certification Program and sign up to preview the program.


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