Logo Guidelines

The NCCER logo is the visual cornerstone of our organization’s image and communication efforts. It reinforces our position and our identity within the industry. Fundamental to our corporate identity are particular design elements and their placement in various media. As NCCER continues to grow, we recognize the importance of ensuring that all communication materials consistently and accurately reflect our image in all media. These guidelines provide the official source on how to correctly use the NCCER logo.

Thank you for your commitment to abide by the following guidelines. Using our guidelines will help protect and strengthen the NCCER image.

Note: Questions regarding permission or the proper use of the NCCER logo should be directed to

General Use Summary

The NCCER logo is the intellectual property of NCCER and as such may not be reproduced or altered without express permission from NCCER.

The following guidelines govern the license and use of the NCCER logo for all forms of communication, including, but not limited to, print and all forms of electronic media. More detailed guidelines are stated throughout this manual.

Authorized Users

  • Only those entities designated as an NCCER partner, Accredited Training Sponsor and/or Accredited Assessment Center are permitted to use the NCCER logo.


  • The NCCER logo shall not be used in such a way as to create the impression of an endorsement or any other business affiliation between you and NCCER except as a partner, Accredited Training Sponsor or Accredited Assessment Center.

  • The NCCER logo may not be used on business cards.

  • The NCCER logo may not be used by Master Trainers, craft instructors or other individuals for self-promotion outside of the accredited organization they are under.

  • The NCCER logo should not be modified in any manner. This includes but is not limited to, changing the proportion, color, or adding graphic elements.

  • Discontinued logos may not be used in any form or medium. See below for more information on unacceptable logo variations.

  • When using the NCCER name as a design element, the acronym should never be spelled out as “National Center for Construction Education and Research.”


  • NCCER is the only authorized distributor of the NCCER logo. Any transfer or distribution of the NCCER logo by another party is prohibited and considered a violation of these guidelines.

  • To request the appropriate logo files, fill out the logo request form on this page. Your request will be processed within 5 business days. NCCER requires submission of all proposed uses of the NCCER logo for review and approval.

NCCER reserves the right to deny or terminate the use of its logo by any entity and for any reason. Any violation of the Logo Guidelines not immediately corrected upon notification shall face appropriate legal action under intellectual property and/or other applicable laws.


NCCER Pantone ColorsThe full-color logo is always preferred. The one-color versions may be used as a substitute for the NCCER full-color logo, but only in the color variations shown above.

NCCER official colors are Pantone® 295 (navy blue) and Pantone® 429 (gray). In applications where use of Pantone® inks is prohibitive or unavailable, a four-color (CMYK) version may be substituted.

Note: Please refer to a Pantone® Color Formula Guide for accurate color representation.

Color Conversions

Pantone® 877 should only be used as a substitute for Pantone® PMS 429 when the Pantone® metallic ink will be used in off-set printing. For digital printing, please use the Pantone® 429 color conversions.

Navy Blue 295 100/57/0/40 0/68/124 #00457C
Gray 429 3/0/0/32 176/183/188 #B0B7BC
Silver Metallic 877 - - -


For the greatest impact and readability, a minimum logo size has been established. The size of the NCCER logo should not be less than one-half inch in width, and proportions should not be altered.

When appearing with other company logos within a document, the NCCER logo must be at least equal in size and color if the other company logo is in color. Standard letter sheet: when the NCCER logo is used on a letter-sized document, the maximum logo size is 1 inch wide.

NCCER Logo Size

Clear Zones

Unless authorized by NCCER, the logo must be surrounded on all sides by clear space. The clear space should be no less than one-half the width of the logo. Do not print graphics, rules, typography, or other elements in this area. Never use the logo as part of a sentence, phrase, or in combination with other elements, except as outlined in these guidelines.

NCCER Logo Clear Zones

Unacceptable Variations

Maintaining the integrity of the NCCER logo is important. It must be presented in a clear, consistent, and effective manner.

Collateral Materials

Print advertising and other collateral materials may vary greatly in design, but accurate application of the NCCER logo will ensure a consistent representation of NCCER’s image.

Occasionally, there will be opportunities to display the NCCER logo that are not described. These applications may include banners, exhibits, displays, plaques, clothing and specialty items. Do not use the NCCER logo in conjunction with other logos without permission from NCCER marketing. Please contact 888.622.3720 or marketing@nccer.org for approval.

Text Formatting and Font

The acceptable font is Calibri - no bold or italic should be applied. The same font rules apply to any text/tagline used in association with NCCER’s logo or identity.

Available Formats

  • EPS or PDF files are high-resolution images intended for professional printing and publishing.

  • PNG files are available for PowerPoint presentations and for use in Word and Excel.

  • The JPEG or GIF format should only be used on Web pages or email messages and is generally not suitable for professional printing.

Published Communications

  • Accredited organizations and/or other authorized users of the NCCER logo are prohibited from posting or transmitting anything unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, derogatory, inflammatory or anything that infringes upon the copyright, trademark or publicity rights of NCCER or NCCER partners.

  • If you discuss NCCER in published materials, you must include a clear statement that you are expressing your own opinions and that you do not speak for or on behalf of NCCER.

  • If you intend to discuss NCCER or the NCCER curricula in published communications, please contact the NCCER Marketing Department.