Breaking Ground Media Guide

The NCCER digital newsroom, Breaking Ground, is the official digital publication of NCCER and focuses on workforce development, training and innovation within the construction industry as well as highlighting exceptional NCCER sponsors and instructors. 

Editorial Guidelines

Content – Stories must be non-branded, educational and focus on workforce development, training and innovation within the construction industry. Topics include craft training, safety and management education, recruitment and image enhancement, partnerships between industry and education, best practices, new policies or standards and more. Pitch specific article ideas to the editor for approval.

Audience – Content geared toward contractors, owners, project managers, directors, instructors, human resource professionals and craft professionals. Readership also includes career and technical educators representing secondary and postsecondary programs across the country.

Length – Minimum 600 words, maximum 1,200 words unless otherwise noted.

StyleBreaking Ground follows Associated Press style. Hyperlinks to external sites are allowed at the editor’s discretion.

Bio – Include a short author bio and provide high-resolution photo.

Deadlines – The editor will assign specific article due dates depending on digital needs. Copy is typically due two to three weeks prior to publication.

Promotion – Most content is shared via NCCER's social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Contributors are encouraged to share content with colleagues and clients via their social media accounts.Stories are typically shared via weekly and monthly enewsletters as well.

Rights – NCCER reserves the right to edit content for clarity and consistency. All submissions are received and selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition, to ensure diversity of subject matter, approaches and voices, NCCER reserves the right to publish submissions as best suited.

PayBreaking Ground does not pay for contributed content.

Contact Us

For advertising opportunities or to submit an article, contact email newsroom editor, Jonathan Arnholz, at