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11 Construction Industry Trends for 2020

05/28/2020 Blog

The construction industry is one of the most sustainable sectors that continues to boom. Business owners are looking to the future to find innovative ideas to keep projects on schedule.

Stay ahead of profit margins and industry movements by reading about these 11 construction industry trends for 2020. They’ll help any business stay competitive in an ever-changing field and prevent issues like site error and supply waste.

1. Drones Now Multitask

When drones first appeared on construction sites, they mainly took aerial photos. Now they map locations, create thermal images and provide extra security to reduce theft. Training current employees or taking on contractors to use drones for these purposes changes how construction managers monitor and run their future projects.

2. Update Tech for Efficiency

The latest tech can improve company efficiency. Specifically, blockchain technology makes workflow more secure and faster, so users maximize their productivity and maintain cybersecurity. With a little training, any management team can make blockchain tech a new essential part of their business operations.

3. Try Building Information Modeling

Modern building information modeling (BIM) generates digital models of buildings so that managers can handle site operations and ensure on-time completion. It’s a new way to approach projects and make sure everything goes according to plan.

4. Discover AR Automation

Augmented reality (AR) has become crucial for the construction industry because it reduces the chance for errors, simulates site changes over time and introduces new opportunities for safety training. Use this kind of technology on computers to plan projects and keep staff up to date on all the safety tips they need to know.

5. Use Custom Wood Shingles

More people opt for custom wood shingles for their buildings because they increase a property’s value by adding durability and visual appeal. They also save clients money because they’re low maintenance and hold up well over time.

6. Use New Management Software

The top construction management software maintains operation and site efficiency by offering new features that multitask. Business owners are one click away from sharing files with teams, creating instant budgets and storing data in a digital inventory.

7. Connect With Mobile Technology

Mobile tech continues to change and opens the world to easier site maintenance. Managers can perform inspections through apps and measure spaces with the camera on their phones. It speeds up the communication process and logs results faster than sending a team to do the same work with paper and pens.

8. Add Heated Bathroom Floors

Residential construction companies will see more clients request heated bathroom floors because they make every home more comfortable and enjoyable. Businesses may become more interested in these floors as well, like spas and gyms.

9. Innovate With Green Construction

More people want sustainable buildings, which is why green construction will become more critical in the future. Look into options that reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions so that every project has a smaller carbon footprint.

10. Plan for Rising Material Costs

In 2018, the cost of construction materials rose nearly 10% from the previous year. As interest rates and materials get more expensive, construction owners should plan to expand budgets and minimize costs with the help of new technologies and software.

11. Find Better Safety Equipment

Good project managers and business owners are always looking for new ways to protect their employees and contractors. Safety equipment like environmental sensors and improved transportation keep people safe on-site as they work with other people and machinery.

Pay Attention to Sector Trends

As these trends shift the construction landscape, business managers can overcome challenges by adopting these new practices. Look into how these changes improve safety and efficiency while keeping up with what clients want from projects.

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