Mobile Crane Operations

The mobile crane may be the most powerful piece of equipment in the construction industry. With maximum mast heights of over 400 feet and lift capacities of hundreds of thousands of pounds, mobile cranes are essential in building and maintaining bridges, highways, buildings, pipelines and towers. Mobile crane operation requires physical coordination, stamina, focus and concentration.

NCCER offers a three-level curriculum covering topics such as Crane Safety, Load Charts and Emergency Procedures.

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For more information regarding NCCER's Certification Programs that meet/exceed current ASME & OSHA standards, see Mobile Crane Operator Certification and Rigger/Signal Person Certification

Load Charts

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Orientation to the Trade, Basic Principles of Cranes, Rigging Practices, Crane Safety, and Operating a Crane. Purchase Materials


NCCER has a policy in place to avoid conflict of interest and maintain the integrity of the Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program (MCOCP) which states Certified Practical Examiners must not train the same operators who they assess or examine and assessment proctors must not be involved in the training of personnel being assessed. This is explicitly stated in the NCCER Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program Procedure Manual. Please access more information about NCCER’s MCOCP Impartiality Policy here. Find a Training Center


Mobile Crane Endorsed Accredited Assessment Centers are able to deliver the certification program (assessments and practical examinations) to their employees/membership using their own equipment as personnel are available and time permits. Learn how to become a Mobile Crane Practical Examiner.

The following four written assessments and four practical examinations combine for 13 equipment specific certifications. Click here to view the Paths to Mobile Crane Credentials.

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Practical Examinations

  • Crawler Mount
  • Industrial / All-Purpose
  • Rough Terrain / All Terrain
  • Rubber Tire Truck Mount

Written Assessments

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Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a vital part of NCCER's Curriculum development process. SMEs are construction and maintenance professionals who have journey-level experience and have experience teaching their trades to others. Click below to view a list of SMEs who contributed to the development of this series.

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