Master Craft/Technician Instructor Certification

A Master Craft/Technician Instructor is NCCER’s highest level of recognition for instructors. The intent of this instructor certification is to provide additional recognition for NCCER’s most dedicated, qualified, and deserving instructors.

Master Craft/Technician Instructors must meet the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of five years continuous NCCER training experience

  • Teach and record an average of five module completions in the ANR each year for a five year period

  • Successfully complete the NCACP Skills Assessment for the NCCER curriculum title, where one exists, in which the instructor is currently certified as an instructor in the Automated National Registry

  • In the event an assessment does not exist for the NCCER curriculum title in which the instructor is currently certified, all other Master Instructor Certification requirements must be met

For complete details and the instructor certification process, please see the NCCER Accreditation Guidelines.